Learn English using Movies Part 3

The Blind Side (2009)
First, listen to what they say and try to recognize the words.
second, watch it again with English subtitle.
Third, read keywords and their meanings. you can also use translator too
and in the end watch it again without a subtitle.
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Dreadful: very unpleasant, horrible, awful, very bad

’cause: short form of “because”

Had/have someone’s back: protect them from unanticipated matters

unanticipated: not expected

Ma’am: respectful title for female authority

Sir: respectful title for female authority

authority: a person with the power to give orders. like kings, queens, bosses, managers, etc

Car wreck: badly damaged or destroyed car


Airbag: safety device to cushion impact in car


Protect: to keep safe from harm or injury
Quarterback: position in American Football
Blind side: a particular direction someone cannot see


دیدگاهتان را بنویسید