Learn English using Movies Part 6

Sister Act (1992)

First, listen to what they say and try to recognize the words.
second, watch it again with English subtitle.
Third, read keywords and their meanings. you can also use translator too
and in the end watch it again without a subtitle.

Choir: an organized group of singers, especially one that takes part in church services or performs in public.
“a church choir”


Choir mistress: female conductor of church choir


Freelance: self-employed, work for various companies

Took vows: take special oath made by nuns

Wedding vows: vows took by couples in front of other people when they marry. like “I promise to be with you in good and in bad until death takes us apart”


(Know what you’re) up to: (know what you’re) planning
Reverend mother: mother superior (leader) of the convent

Superior: a person higher in ranks.

Supreme: the highest rank person. like “supreme leader” or supreme court

Ringer: here means substitute or replacement. when a person can’t go to work, the authority calls another person to fill in. that’s why they call the replacement person a “ringer

Replace: switch, exchange

Terrific: great

Mutiny: rebellion against authority


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