Learn English using Movies Part 7

Madagascar (2005)

First, listen to what they say and try to recognize the words.
second, watch it again with English subtitle.
Third, read keywords and their meanings. you can also use translator too
and in the end watch it again without a subtitle.

Ruined: devastated, destroyed

ruined building
ruined relationship

Fault: responsibility for a misfortune
“our mother died because of you. its your fault”

Kidding: joking
“Are you kidding me?”

Ticked off: (slang) to make someone angry, annoyed

Bit of hand: (idiom) act badly towards someone helping you

Wild: natural, uncultivated land (ex. Forest, jungle)
Have a point: (phrase of agreement)
Shut it: be quiet
Transferred: moved from one place to another
Nauseous: wanting to vomit, sick


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